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Derby Courier Services

"Excellent service, can't fault it at all!! Lovely, friendly company which kept me informed of progress from the start! Very professional. Would definitely recommend!"

What is available on the website

House clearances and man & van services

One, two or three person teams available upon request.

The aim is to keep as much as possible out of landfill, items will be reused by charities or broken down into component parts and recycled.

If you need an item brought across Derby which you have acquired from or B & Q or IKEA and it's too big for you car, give Alvaston Light Haulage a call.

One of the joys of  being a courier is seeing the wonder of the British Isles.  On these pages you will see photos of places of interest, they may not be the bog standard tourist attractions, Britain has many hidden treasures, perhaps they are near you! Already on this page are photos of Hull and Dundee two amazing cities.  There  will also be reviews  cafes, restaurants and service areas.

Alvaston Light Haulage excels an art courier specialist, providing a wrapping service.  Art work is always a dedicated trip, you will not see your Braque rubbing shoulders with bric-a-brac, it may cost more, but that extra piece of mind is well worth it.

Same day and overnight courier to anywhere across the British archipelago.