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Clacton is a popular seaside holiday destination in Essex.  Clacton was orignally a place for tool manufacture during the lower Palaeolithic era.  The "Clacton Spear",  which is made out of yew and found in 1911 dates back 450,000 years and is the oldest such spear found in Britain

Carew Castle and Tidal Mill

Castell a melin heli Caeriw

An 11th century castle in  Pembrokeshire.  However, this is not the first fortification on this site, it was built on a large iron age hill fort.  

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Carew Castle and Tidal Mill 

SA70 8SL

Carew Castle and Tidal Mill
Buckingham Gaol Courier Service

Buckingham Old Gaol

Buckingham Old Gaol was built in 1748 in the old county town of Buckinghamshire.  Most of the funding for its construction was by Richard Temple, a former MP for Buckingham.  It is now a museum, inside you can still see the old prison doors.

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